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HP 3325A - $500.00

Synthesizer/Function Generator

The model 3325A produces sine, square, triangle and ramp waveforms from 1 uHz to 20 MHz for sine, 10 MHz for square, and to 10 kHz for all other waveforms. Frequency may be selected with 11 digits of resolution. Output amplitude is from 1 mV to 10V peak-to-peak, and can also be displayed in Vrms and dBm (50 Ω).  DC offset to ±4.5V is also provided.

The following options are fitted to this unit:

Option 001                  High Stability Frequency Reference
Option 002                  High Voltage Output
This unit is fully functional, but will be supplied with a second non-operating 3325A Synthesizer/Function Generator to be used for parts should they be required in the future. An original (print) Operating and Service manual will be included also.

HP 8595E - $7,500.00

Spectrum Analyser

9 kHz to 6.5 GHz


The Agilent 8595E is an easy-to-use RF spectrum analyzer that offers a wide range of performance, features, and optional capability to meet your measurement needs. Downloadable measurement personalities combine with optional plug-in performance to provide tailored solutions for your application.
Perform complex tests simply and quickly with measurement personalities that support applications like cable TV/broadcast, component test, electromagnetic compatibility, lightwave, and wireless communications
Split screen display
One-button measurement routines
Advanced measurement functions
Dual interfaces
Built-in tracking generator (9 kHz to 2.9 GHz)



Agilent E3631A - $1,050.00

Tripple Output DC Power Supply

Agilent basic DC power supplies offer essential features for a tight budget. The triple output, 80 W, GPIB, E3631A provides small, compact size for bench use; low output ripple and noise; built-in measurements and basic programmable features with GPIB and RS232 interface. This clean and reliable supply is designed for general purpose applications; and combines convenient benchtop capabilities with flexible system features in a compact, multi-output package.

Key Features & Specifications

Output Ratings
Output 1: 0 to 6 V, 0 to 5 A
Output 2: 0 to +25 V, 0 to 1 A
Output 3: 0 to -25 V, 0 to 1 A
Programming Accuracy at 25°C ±5°C
Voltage: 0.05% + 20 mV, 0.05% + 20 mV, 0.1% + 5 mV
+ Current: 0.15% + 4 mA, 0.15% + 4 mA, 0.2% + 10 mA